Shitty Experience

Well, I don’t know if this is a joke or not to you, but to me it was hilarious. My buddy was telling me that he was drinking some green tea the night before and the next morning before leaving his house he drank some water. (Which is a regular routine for a lot of us)

On his way to work he finds that his stomach is acting up and now finds himself in a position where he needs to take a serious dump because of the green tea he consumed. The only problem with his predicament is that he is on a bus heading towards the construction site and he’s on the highway so his ass is getting tight.

He is holding his shit💩 in for dear life praying to God that he doesn’t shit his pants so paces back and forth in the aisle holding it in as much as he can…you know, prairie doggin’ it. He said he was even contemplating on taking a shit💩 in his bag in the back of the bus, but NOPE he tries his best to holding it in.

He finally gets off the highway and gets off at the first stop simply forgetting all together about getting to work on time because his pants and his livelihood is at stake. If he shits💩 his pants, he has no other clothing on hand to change into so he’d be screwed, no malls or clothing shops around and there were no porter potties for more than a mile away so he was fucked.

The only thing he said he did was to try and walk, hopefully that would keep it in. So he walks towards his destination slowly all awhile holding his ass cheeks in as much as he could making sure he doesn’t spray his white underwear, but finds that the clenching of his ass is getting weaker with every step.

He then sees that there is a building close by and a wall that is by some trees. He sees people are walking by back and forth and tries his best to keep his head on, but he simply can’t take it any longer so what does he do? He goes behind the wall and squats down to take a massive dump 💩. He sees this old woman walking by and she quickly turns away as he gives her eye contact. He looks down and notices…..well, you get the picture.


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