Do You Live In A Filthy Home?

A tidy desk is a tidy mind. Does this also apply to homes? A clean home is a clean mind? I remember that when I used to live with my parents, we had to make sure that all of our rooms were clean, bed was made, dishes were washed, living room, basement,guest room, attic, floors were scrubbed….shit the place had to be spic and span. I was taught that you should always keep the place tidy just in case any unexpected guests came over. When I finally moved out on my own around 18 years old, I carried out those same habits my mom bestowed upon me….we all did.


I would visit a few buddies of mine or a good friend of mine and I found that some of them didn’t carry out those habits. Some had dishes all over the place, pizza or food boxes all over the place, bathroom filled with toothpaste residue in the sink, bathtub dark, but noticed a lot worse as time went on. Don’t bet it twisted, we can be lazy from time to time so cleaning up for some of us would require some sort of inspiration to get things done. Some people wait a few days until they do their regular cleanup and some people like me can’t stand to see the place messy so would pop in some music (I would pop in some CDot Honcho) and start my routine.


Here is my issue though – if you are not working, on welfare and/or spend most of your day at home, I believe there should be NO EXCUSE why your home should be filthy.  I’ve heard all the excuses in the book when some people say I had no time, I was tired, I had to watch the kids, blah blah blah. I simply think you’re full of shit for coming up with a million excuses for not keeping your place tidy if you got no job or you stay at home – period.

I hear a few men at work who say when they get home they gotta take out the trash while their wife was home all day doing….yeah nothing. Is it just me who feels some type of way? They say equal rights this and that, but I guess it only applies to whenever it benefits that person…..ah well.

clean house

All I am saying is get off your asses, clean up your home and stop making excuses for your living conditions when you fully have control over it.



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