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Ever since I heard CDOT Honcho collaborate with G Herbo on that banger “50 Of Em‘” I knew this guy was the truth. I was listening to G Herbo and Lil Bibby a lot back then way before I heard about Honcho and honestly after taking in this track I started to pay attenton to this guy. Honestly bar after bar, Honcho spits nothing but fire on ALL of his tracks. I’ll be the first to admit that Honcho murdered G Herbo on that song just like how Eminem murdered Jay-Z on “Renegade”. Herbo was nice on the track, but it was Honcho who stood out for me.



Make sure that when you do a feature for someone or vica versa, you deliver your best content because you’ll never know down the line who will go back and listen to what you did.  You will be judged on that song and it can change the way the public see’s you forever.


From that moment, I started looking up other songs Honcho was doing; from “In A Minute” to “5 a.m. Freestyle” and “A Lot” I was hooked. CDOT”s tracks on average are like 2:50 in length so to me it’s like he’s giving you enough so you will come back for more.

The 3 projects he has came out with “Honcho – The EP“, “H2” and “H3” were well done. I can sit down and listen to them back to back without skipping any songs and that’s rare nowadays in the music industry. There are a few good Chicago artists that are good – Young Pappy rest his soul was a lyricist I was taking in, but I feel there is something different with CDOT Honcho’s style. Honestly, if you hear his songs you would think he was only given a few minutes left of studio time 😂.


When it comes to bars Honcho’s got it, but if you don’t have a trained ear, you wouldn’t be able to catch em’ all just because of the way he flows. He wasn’t always rapping like this. I remember when he had more meat on them bones and had the afro, he was with Sumo doing those “sing song” tracks I guess to feel out the audience. To me those songs were wack. It was from the track with Herbo and on that I felt changed the game for him.

I stumbled upon this playlist of his filled with bangers and his 3 projects here:

If Cdot Honcho continues to put out great content like this; he could potentially take over the game. He has progressed over the years and I believe he has found himself… least that is my belief after listening to his work. Is he my top 5 best rapper of all time? No. I would give him top 10 on my list and as time goes by my list of who I think are in the top 5 category might change. I already mentioned my tip 5 here just in case you didn’t know.


What would be great to see from Honcho is more collaboration and I see that is what he is trying to do. One song I am really feeling is “Tag Team” with JG Do It…..that’s the only song I like with the both of them. I heard a few others they did together, but I wasn’t getting the same vibe I got from the Tag Team jawn. Other collaborations were with a few other people I noticed were recently put up, but honestly I wasn’t feeling those either and weren’t that memorable to even mention on this blog post. I think what he is doing is right though – collabing with unknown or indie artists who are looking for exposure; on the come up like himself. I don’t wanna see him with anyone from the industry yet…..he might lose himself if he goes down that path and like everyone else who joins that side ends up becoming shit so if I was his advisor I would avoid them and stick to what he’s doing now.

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