Winner Of The 3 Point Contest


So there is this guy at my workplace who has been talking mad shit for quite some time now. We would argue over who was better at basketball and he was convinced he would beat me. He would always say just because I was 6’5 and he was 6’2 doesn’t mean I could play or dunk on him. I would always set up a date and he would agree to meet up, but each time he would make some bullshit excuse as to why he couldn’t attend.

It wasn’t until this past week things got real heated and the manager got wind of what was going down. This past Thursday, he set up a surprise basketball competition between me and the guy in front of the whole entire department so this would resolve this issue once and for all.

I gotta admit, I was pretty nervous cause I never go to work in my street clothes so to be dressed up playing basketball as is had me thinking twice, but I still ran with it. The guy on the other hand was dressed up in street clothes so he was good. Anyways, In front of the whole department while the people were cheering we had a 3 Point shootout…..guess who won? 😎 Moi!!! To add insult to injury we did a quick game up to 5 – guess who got dunked on in front of the whole crowd? 😎The other guy hahahaha! Great thing about all of this is that I got the videos to prove it.

Thank God it was recorded and that it was in front of a crowd because if it was just us, there would be no way he would admit he lost. Came in the next day and found this trophy on my desk. What a great day 😎. I’m contemplating on putting up the video on my YouTube channel……still debating on if I should…..we’ll see.

2017-04-29 18.09.29

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