Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Tells Amara La Negra That Black People Are Dumb For Calling Themselves African American

If you are unfamiliar with who Jesse Lee Peterson is, well in a nutshell he is the spokesperson for the TRUE blacks that live worldwide. To others within the black community he is referred to as COON or someone who “caters to white people.”

Me personally I have tuned into a number of his shows on YouTube and find him quite entertaining. His views about black people and telling his guests about his experiences in the Jim Crow era and going as far as recommending people to pick cotton I do find interesting.

Never have I ever heard a black man speak the way how he does with such passion about having love to your fellow man whether they be black, white, asian; there is no limit to having love and to forgive fellow human beings.

I believe people of black decent are simply outraged by his words because when they hear his message about renouncing hate towards the “white man” after his guests explain their experiences, they are not used to hearing words as love and forgiveness when wrongful actions are being taken against them. The typical black would simply seek revenge and or lash out against their oppressors.

His discussion with Amara La Negra is simply a sock to the face of those black people who keep referring themselves as “African-American” and how we as black people should stop using the term as we are not going to be looked at any different even though we may change the title of our race.

Do you agree with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson?

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