Uber Driver Richard Lamotey Charged For Kidnapping, False Imprisonment and Harrassment.

Richard Lamotey is an assistant professor of Information Science and Technology is an Uber who had two women passengers in his vehicle that at first made comments about both women’s looks, parked the car and told them “YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE”.

People who use Uber to get to a fro from whatever reason always have in the back of their minds “I hope I make it to my destination safely” because nowadays you really can’t trust nobody.

When Uber first rolled out, my first question was “have these drivers been screened?” Anyone with a driver’s license and an up to date car can sign up as far as I know (so correct me if I am wrong) so when I hear about instances where people are being held hostage or harassed it is very alarming.

Luckily, these two woman managed to escape the vehicle safe and sound. Lamotey since this past weekend has had his access to the campus revoked and is due for a court hearing on May 23, 2019.

Again this isn’t the first incident that has occurred with Uber and I am sure they are daily trying to add more rules to new drivers to make its customers safe. This doesn’t mean people will stop taking Uber, but will make people more cautious and alert when taking their next ride.

What do you think?

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