@TakeOffDemDrawss aka Keon Empregnates Twin Sisters

For starters; how the hell did this happen? How is it that as a man this is something to be praised for? Embarrassingly it is common in the black community for black men to have several children by many women. Some men go as far as saying that they are proud that they have spread their seed to find out that the lot of them have not even considered wanting to take care of their illegitimate children.

To Empregnate twin sisters and to be cool with the both of them is astounding and the same time disgraceful I have to add. To promote such slackness and be praised for it goes to show of how messed up we are as a whole.

We gotta stop rating these clowns who think it’s ok to sleep with a girl, have kids by then and then move onto the next like it’s musical chairs. We gotta stop thinking that these dirtbags are actually cool and that this is something to be praised for. I read in his caption that he needs to make a movie out of his life – CLOUT CHASING at its finest.

I can’t really blame people nowadays for looking to get some fame off of doing some dumb shit. It’s seems as if the dumber the act, the more attention you’ll get – not the other way around. Listen to what this guy has to say and tell me whether or not if I’m trippin’.

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