Jane Park Sells Topless Photos To the Poor

Meet Jane Park – former 17 year old $1.7 million lottery winner who has done it all with her winnings. From cars, to homes, to body surgery and now selling topless photos online for the low low price of $80 a joint online.

Woowweee lol who wouldn’t pay that to see some titties? Hmmmmm well not me hahahaha, but there are many men out there who would. Jane says and quotes “I feel so empowered! I’ve been selling pictures online to desperate men to see my boobs for $50+ (euros) & donated money to charity.” Awwwww.

Jane who is now 23 says she isn’t broke, no need to find a new job and is good where she’s at in life today.

Follow her on Instagram through the pic below.

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