Queenzflip and Jayo Beat Up Guest On Da Callers Show

This is one of the best youtube shows I’ve seen to date and this episode in particular just hit the nail on the head. Just to let you know what this is about; Queenzflip and their guest who also has a youtube channel called “From A Fans Point Of View” had a fight which took place outside of Queenzflip’s studio whereas Queenz got some shots at Point of View and Point of View got some in as well. Point of View got it in to the point where he hemmed up Queenzflip then Queenzflip tripped to the floor and Flip was on his knees. Point of View had an opportunity to stomp on flip, but he simply told flip to get up which I find was quite honourable. After blows were exchanged (pause) they both walked into the studio and spoke about their squabble which took place outside.

Point of View made it clear that Queenzflip on several occassions disrespected him over the years and he felt that he had to confront flip as a man and show him he wasn’t the one to be playing with. Queenzflip as a man didn’t run from the fight and held his ground, but it is hard to say who took the L on this one. Point of View boldly states that he had Queenz hurt and Flip likewise, but when Jayo stepped into the building, it was clear who was the winner.

In the video you can see that Jayo wasn’t having no one touch flip and when Queenz notioned that it was Point of View that touched him, Jayo started off by giving Point of View a hard pimp slap to the face and rushed him with a whole leap of body blows to the face and body. Queenzflip couldn’t help but to get some shots in himself and landed what appeared to be 2-3 shots to Point of View. Point of View clearly was outnumbered 2-1 and was left with a bloody nose and continously told Queezflip that “that wasn’t honorable” while Queenzflip replied ” I can’t have you touch my cousin” .

Now for the past week, Queenzflip and his team have been rerunning the clip and trying to justify the actions that took place. Math Hoffa came up on the interrogation room to interview blog and asked great questions and to me had no bias angles with his questioning and interactions which we have to salute because typically interviewers play on both sides of the fence.

In a nutshell, Queenz already acknowledges that he made an error but the actions that took place discredit his explanation as to why a fight would even go on and why he would throw two shots at Jihad then explain he was defending his cousin when he could have kept him back.

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