Racist Old Navy Representative Stephanie Grabs Lisa Calderon & Falsely Accuses Her Of Stealing

Never have I thought this day would come where racism still exists in Canada….who am I lying to? Racism is everywhere. In Old Navy, can I say “I didn’t see this coming”? Nahhhh can’t say that. It’s clear that black people are always zoned in or in another set of words “followed closely” in stores and malls by store owners and their employees. I personally know of a place (that will remain nameless) of specifically telling their employees that they should always watch out for the black people who comes into the store because they are known for being thieves and liars.

This situation doesn’t surprise me at all of Lisa Calderon being accused, but to the point of an employee putting their hands on her….well that means war. Many people who would have been in the exact predicament would have probably attacked the employee for grabbing, but lucky for the Old Navy employee, Lisa Calderon was mature enough to not do so.

Lisa Calderon was at the mall in Mississauga and was looking to exchange her slippers in the Old Navy store, but after being confronted by two employees in a racial profiling way, she proceeded to leave the store and go elsewhere to have them exchanged. One of the employees Stephanie ran up to Lisa and accused her of stealing and proceeded to grab Lisa by the arm to prevent her from leaving. Two security guards were standing by didn’t really make a move on the employee or inform her of what she was doing was wrong.

It has been recently reported that Stephanie has been fired from Old Navy.

Check out the video below:

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