Black People Will Never Get Reparations?

Is this for real? We don’t deserve it? We have seen other races/cultures got what was owed, but it seems the only people out here who have never been given piece of the cake are black people.If you are new to this, black people have been in slavery for over 400+ years and once they were declared free citizens they were never offered or given any reparations…..I wonder why.

The only way I can see this potentially working out is if this was brought forth to the court system and the lawyer would have to ……well….I’ll keep that to myself as I am sure the lawyer who would represent the black nation itself would conjure up something.Give black people what they are owed and I’m sure a lot of the stereotypes and stigmas laid against us would cease to exist……or would it?

Reparations vs Edmund DaGeneral



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