Top 10 Rap Artists – By: Edmund DaGeneral

Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and each list that you have seen from various blogs to various shows you may have watched online just understand that their lists are not official. People overtime may change their list lineup due to time because overtime new artists rise up and show and prove that they are capable of hanging with what we considered the “greats” at the time.THIS list on the other hand has been carefully thought of and calculated to the point where like minded individuals will have to simply agree. THIS list is and will always be considered OFFICIAL.We’re going based off Barz, Versatility, Consistency, Flow and Delivery.

10. Kool G Rap

9. Geechi Suede

8. Tyler The Creator

7. Ludacris

6. Andre 3000

5. Young Thug

4. Busta Rhymes

3. Lloyd Banks

2. Rass Kass

1. Killah Priest

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