Jay-Z vs DMX On Instagram Live Battle

Jay-Z has over 13 studio albums, 2 Live albums, 5 Compilation, 1 soundt album, 1 collaborative album and 5Mixtapes.

DMX on the other hand has over 8 studio albums, 5 Compilation albums, 46 singles and 1 mixtape that I know of to date.

For DMX to choose Jay-Z to go head to head on the gram would make music history. By looking at the numbers when it comes to both of their discographies, you would think that Jay-Z would win hands down right? Don’t leave DMX out of the race because you have to remember when it comes to hits DMX can bring it.

In my opinion, I don’t think DMX would win….let’s be honest as much as I believe he is top 10 on my rappers list not a lot of people would remember what his tracks are. Jay-Z has been consistent with his music from the 80’s until this day and has always been ringing in people’s ears especially with his features with his wife Beyonce to Kanye West which always kept him relevant in the game.

Albums from Jay-Z that always get play would be Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime, Hard Knock Life, Life and Times of S.Carter, The Dynasty and The Black Album and that’s it. Everything else after that was trash.

DMX albums would be It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, Flesh of My Flesh, And Then There Was X and everything else after that was trash.

With these albums going head to head on the gram it would difficult for DMX in my opinion….but who knows he just may surprise me.

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