White People Using Black People As Scapegoats | White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man At Park

Yet again we see another case of whites blaming blacks for no reason. What’s even crazier is that these type of situations always seem to get the most attention not just online, but through the news as well.

To me it seems as if the ultimate message is for blacks to start clapping back at white people which will bring this race war to another level. It’s like they’re testing black people’s tolerance level to see how much shit they can take before they can’t take it anymore and start attacking back. You tease someone for a day, probably a week, could be a year and the bully continues because he/she sees that you’re not budging and then one day you just can’t take it anymore and you snap……is that what they’re trying to do?

This is the second story that was brought to my attention whereas a woman calls the cops on a black man lying about being a victim (see video below). Saw another story of a preacher calling the cops claiming black men kidnapped him at gun point at a hotel which ended up being bullshit because he was a closeted homosexual.

I could pull up more stories that has happened in the past, but what’s the point? You get it! Shit like this happens on a regular and sooner or later it’s going to get ugly because there is only so much bullying someone can take before they bring it up a notch.

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