The Right Time To Slap A Woman

Equality is and will always be a battle between genders, race and position in life. Without everyone being equal there will always be tension right?

What if it was true that we are not born equals…. Some people are made to work, others are born followers/sheep, some are made to succeed and some others just will never…. You get the point. As mankind knows, there are limitations to a woman as there are too men and the train why they are put together is so that one carries the other where that person lacks and vica versa.

Don’t get it twisted, everyone knows that things are double standard in North America so women will get away from not having to lift heavy objects, work construction, avoid physical labour, gifts, holidays… The whole shabang – so why is it wrong for the man to slap a woman if she hits him first? Simply a question that’s all… Here is someone’s answer below:

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