Rich White People Are Not Nice People | Jessica Mulroney vs Sasha Exeter

Isn’t it interesting black people have to work 10 harder to achieve part of the success as white people? In the blink of an eye they’re privileged enough and have the perception that they can take it all away from you by the snap of their fingers. There are many examples that black people can think of easily, but will always be shunned or ignored mainly because not just white people, but every other race seems to not care enough to want to listen and do anything to help….they sound annoyed.

Is it wrong that blacks always have to walk on eggshells weekend speaking up against matters that affect them by white privileged people? From working in an office, to the retail store and even in the music/entertainment industry…. Black people will forever have this problem. Something is different this year though….

It seems as if when the police who murdered George Floyd had been televised for the world to see, many people from across the globe had actually came together for the first time in my lifespan and started to fight for one common cause.

Many People from other races who are influencers actually posted on their social media platforms their support for black lives…even Call Of Duty… Others did not wish to post their support mainly because they were either against it or thought it would not look good for their platform.

Video below is a situation between Meghan Markle’s BFF Jessica Mulroney who stop the livelyhood of a black single mother from Toronto; Sasha Exeter.

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