Math Hoffa Being Accused Of Rape

We’ve seen situations like these time and time again whereas a woman; some rando will come out of the woodworks and claim someone has raped them and before you know it the person who is accused is hauled off to jail for the accusation. It could have been 5,10,25+ years ago and for some strange reason these randos just come out and start spewing to the masses that they were raped by someone. Happened to 2 Pac, Mike Tyson and so on.

NOW – this woman Kee Kee Hardbody has accused Math Hoffa for the very same reason. Before anyone takes her side of the story and starts to defame this man’s character, I believe we need to hear from him regarding this matter so that there are two sides of the story. It cannot be simply a one sided scenario and we start pointing fingers…he would need to come out and explain what has happened before the news gets misconstrued and then we have a catastrophe.

Check out the video below regarding this woman’s plea as to what her experience was when encountering Math Hoffa.

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