Cowards With Cameras | Black Woman Beat Down With 2 x 4

Cowards are born every single day. I don’t know, but that’s just how life goes. As time goes on it seems as if getting a shot of the action is more important than helping our the victim. These incidents reminds me of the show Black Mirror when they had the episode where bullshit happens and instead of someone giving a helping hand, everyone pulls out their cameras instead.

When is this bullshit going to stop? We have these two individuals in this video holding objects in their hands and the man popped this woman’s skull with the 2 x 4. Now I don’t know why they came to this, but obviously this was wrong and if it was the black woman cracking the white man’s skull shit would be different.

When are we going to have at least ONE person who captures these scenarios and then at least a few people who sees things like this jump in a either try to stop the problem before it escalates or at least help out? I’m telling you….people don’t care anymore about what happens to the next person….they just care about the views.

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