FAT People Cannot Starve

It’s incredible to believe that people in this day and age especially the heavyweights say they can die from starvation if they don’t eat in a matter of 2-3 days.

If you’re 5’4″ and over 200lbs please believe you can go on without eating or drinking for about a month. If you are overweight you can go on for the same length of time and still be fine. Your body is built to heal itself. It can burn the extra fat you have and convert it into energy. If you dry fast (eat not good sand drink no water) for about 7 days, you will lose the feeling or want for hunger.

So the bigger you are the longer you can go without eating. Of course there will be that moment when your body is telling you that you need to refeed which at that point you have no energy to walk or move as you normally would which can be dangerous, but ultimately you would be able to know ahead of time that you should probably eat something with sustenance and healthy and do a light refeed to not shock your body.

I know this method of losing weight and or burning fat works because I’ve tried it before. If you have diabetes, cancer, starting to lose your eyesight eyesight, etc your body will repair itself once you go through this process of dry fasting.

Some people are skeptical and will start talking shit about it doesn’t work (which is bullshit) out that it’s dangerous to dry fast (which is true which is why it’s recommended to ask your doctor if you are able to start the process).

This ain’t a post preaching the gospel, it’s just a reminder that if you’re looking to fix whatever issue your body is going through….dedicate some time for your body to naturally heal itself and screw pact prescription drugs….that crap is bad for you.

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