Bizz Loc aka Errrr GOD

One of the hardest rappers TO DATE. I recently stumbled upon Toronto man Bizz Loc not too long ago and have been listening to his music steadily. It’s been a long time since I felt this type of energy after listening to his music and it makes me feel he would be a problem for the music industry.

With his savage demeanour, hardcore lyrics and demon type energy, the music he delivers levels up your own energy times 10 lol.

On Bizz Loc’s Instagram post he posted that unfortunately he was recently booked on an alleged possession of a firearm charge and potentially breaching his parole. Apparently someone who knew him saw him and contacted the authorities who later on ambushed him at a club.

Hopefully he’ll beat the case and had a good lawyer to help him out so he can comes out and make some more music.

Bizz Loc aka Errrr GOD represents Eglinton West and has actually helped out his community from giving out bags to kids to non-profit organizations trying to spread positivity in our community.

His music isn’t for everyone as in the average Joe…. It’s for the”real ones” who have actually went through he went through… The ones who can relate…

Check out one of his music videos below called “Dark Side” and follow him on his Instagram through the image below.

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