Worst Rapper In 2020

Wannabee rappers are born in droves every minute time goes by and dreams are crushed daily.

2020 has been filled with “real rappers” dying, getting killed or telling on themselves (dry snitching) or telling on someone to keep their name buzzing.

What we have failed to do was acknowledge all of the artists out here who are straight garbage. I can name a few like Blueface, Cardi B, Top 5 (from Toronto), Smiley and Tyga to name a few…..

The number 1 rapper that I’ve ever come across was this guy named Tyree Sneed. I have never wanted to believe that I can actually smell shit through my ears until the day I heard his music.

What’s worse is that he actually believes he’s really good which is unfortunate. You’ll be able to listen to this trash through the video below. If you like it, hit the like button and drop your comments.

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