Are Americans Slow, Stupid Or Ignorant? Simple Questions – Wrong Answers.

Ever look at social media and look at the way American’s act? The way how they view other races? Have you ever asked them any simple question in hope of getting a smart answer, but like clockwork they just seem to get it wrong all the time?

What’s crazy is that they may give you the same answer even though the answer is wrong lol. Is this information right or is this wrong because this video clearly displays Americans as a collective of people who are all like minded. As racist as they are, as much as they’d like to believe that they are the best country in the world (hahahahahaha yeah right) they have this sense of pride that nobody can take away. It’s a damn shame that stupidity is reigning at an all time high on social media and it looks like this is the country in which it stems from.

Don’t take my word for it, watch the video and you decide.

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