Taiwanese Woman Cuts Off Boyfriend’s Penis Then Flushes It Down The Toilet

Taiwanese woman Phung cut off her boyfriend’s penis Huang (His last name) out of jealousy and then flushed it down the toilet.

According to the Daily Mail, Huang woke up in severe pain and extensive bleeding. Local media reports that the man discovered that 20 percent of his penis had been sawed off.

His girlfriend Phung, used kitchen scissors to remove his penis. She flushed it down the toilet so that it could not be reattached. The bloody scissors were located outside the house.

The father of three was brought to Changhua Christian Hospital and underwent an operation to stop the bleeding. In total, 1.5 centimeters (0.59 inches) had been cut from the end of his penis, but his “scrotum and testicles were still intact.”

“Examination showed Huang’s dick was sliced off and still bleeding, so doctors had to perform an emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the urethra for urine release. His scrotum and testicles are still intact,” Chou Chih-Chung, the hospital deputy director, said.

Huang is in stable condition but will require reconstructive surgery. He is also being offered counseling.

Phung is facing charges of aggravated assault, admitting he acted out of anger.

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