2 Year Old Kashe Quest Has An IQ Of 146

Kashe Quest is a 2-year-old from Los Angeles who is the youngest member of American Mensa. They are a group of intelligent people who have scored in the top 2 percent of the general population on a standardized intelligence test.

Most toddlers are able to recite some numbers by the time they’re 2, but Kashe is able to count up to 100. Kashe knows more than 50 signs in sign language and can recognize all the alphabet numbers, shapes and colors. Most of these fetes were accomplished since the age of 17-18 months old…….wowzerz.

Her memory is considered outstanding and she picks up things really fast and her interest in learning is phenomenal. Kashe is learning Spanish and can point out all 50 U.S. states by their shape and location.

The average human IQ level is 100. American IQ levels are slightly below at 98. Kashe’s IQ is 146 which is far above the average American IQ level.

“She very much is still a normal 2-year-old where we have negotiations, we have tantrums, we have everything and it’s different because the way we communicate with her, it has to be different because she’s able to understand just a little bit more.” Sukhjit Athwal (mother) has said.

Sukhjit Athwal said that “I think one of the biggest things with me and my daughter is making sure she has a childhood and we don’t force anything on her,” she added. “We’re kind of going at her pace and we want to just make sure that she is youthful for as long as she can be.”

American Mensa says it has more than 50,000 members, ranging from ages 2 to 102. This group includes a range of people, such as engineers, homemakers, teachers, actors and students.

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