Vitamin D & It’s Benefits

I exercise daily and try to make good decisions when it comes to my food selections. Especially now where building your immune system is so important, following a healthy or balanced lifestyle is key to maintaining and bettering yourself.

Recently I purchased a book called “Lose 11lbs In 7 Days” through Juice Wealthy not because I wanted to lose weight, but to strengthen my immune system for safe sakes and I have to say I’ve never felt better.

It was a few of my friends who pointed me to check out what this company was about and I did so with an open mind. I stumbled across their blog where they discuss about the benefits of Vitamin D and this is a direct quote for what they had to say :

Vitamin D aids the body into absorbing and preserving phosphorus and calcium which helps construct bone within the body. Our bodies do not produce our own calcium and we lose calcium everyday through our skin, feces, urine, hair and nails which is why eating the right foods is seriously important. Covid-19 has changed a lot for the way how us as a people go about our daily lives and being on quarantine can cause a serious negative effect on our health.

To read more visit here

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