Kwame Brown Gay Moments?

Lots of haters and clout chasers are surfacing these youtube streets. Let’s be honest though…..everyone is looking for clout on here. Any form of recognition, 15 minutes of fame….whatever – its all about getting the masses to look at you if you’re on social media. Anyone that tells you differently is a liar.

Recently Kwame Brown has been spreading his message about bringing people together and planning on doing things as a collective. Others who have heard this message have interpreted this very same message differently and as a result, Kwame has been receiving a lot of backlash especially within the black community.

Black Man says “let’s do this” or “let’s do that” or “I’ve done this” and the people don’t and won’t believe you unless you show what they call “receipts” (proof). I always thought it was stupid for people to show themselves giving the homeless money or planning events or fundraisers for a cause – I still do, but apparently nothing is believable unless you show them proof. Same way people don’t believe in God/Jesus or things written in a book because they have to physically see it which is fucking stupid as well.

In any case this is a collection of moments of Kwame Brown speaking and someone actually captured times when Kwame spoke in a way that the so called black community on YouTube took for as gay…..goes to show you how their mind works and how they interpret things as a collective.

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