6 Year Old Coby Daniel Shot By A Grown Chinese Man Ryan Le-Nguyen In Self Defense.

6 year old Black Coby Daniel is from Michigan. He was shot by asian man Ryan Le-Nguyen and he is claiming self defense. Police reports say it all started when Coby left his bike on Ryan’s lawn in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Coby and his friends were outside riding  their bikes and after awhile took a break. One of them left their bike in front of Ryan’s  home. To me that’s standard. I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid and me and my friends were outside playing we did things like that the time and because our neighbour’s were familiar with us, they knew we’d come back for it.

Coby went to get his bike, but from what the police say this grown Asian man Ryan came out with a sledgehammer in his hand and said something to the Coby. Coby allegedly snapped back (don’t quote me on the snapping part I wasn’t there) and that was what got Ryan heated.

Coby’s father told police Ryan went back inside and allegedly shot a gun through the front window, hitting Coby in the arm. This clown Ryan Le-Nguyen plans on claiming self defense against the first grader Coby. 

The Washtenaw County Sheriff arrested Ryan who is now charged with assault with intent to murder, but was released on a $10k bond………WOWZERZ!!!! Any how I was a black man (yes I said it because it’s FACTS) the black man would get no bail….PERIOD.

Coby told the police that Ryan tried hitting him with a sledgehammer, but because he was too fast, it wouldn’t work out for Ryan so he shot him instead.

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