Data Breach At McDonald’s & Donald Trump Seizes Apple Data

Anyone ever seen that show on Netflix “Startup”?. I swear it seems as if things like this have been happening for a very long time, but after watching that series, it put a lot of things into perspective on what goes on behind the scenes with these companies.

McDonald’s has had a data breach in South Korea and Taiwan on Friday. Apparently customer and employee information had been leaked and this just may be the beginning. How has the largest burger company in the world been put in this position you may ask?

An investigation occurred by a number of external consultants thats what following an unauthorized activity on the company’s network.

“While we were able to close off access quickly after identification, our investigation has determined that a small number of files were accessed, some of which contained personal data,” McDonald’s said in a statement.

I remember in the show “Startup” the NSA approached Araknet asking them if they could help them stop a potential terrorist attack on American soil by looking into their data and search some keywords to pinpoint where this attack potentially may occur. Araknet said they were unable to leak this information because it is confidential. Nobody not even the government is allowed to see whats going on which leads to the Donald Trump situation.

Apparently officials acting under Donald Trump seized Apples account information. One of their targets was Adam Schiff who said this in a tweet:

A request for Apple Data was made back in 2017 and again the following year 2018. For those who don’t remember it was regarding contacts between Russia and associates of Republican President Trump which got a lot of people heated after learning about this alleged incident.

Who really knows what’s going on behind closed doors. The information that is brought to the public at times we need to take it with a grain of salt because the truth can always be bent with lies and the only people in the know of how these breaches are occurring are the ones on the inside.

Where’s a Daewon when you need one.

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