10 Ways To Be a Healthier Person

1. Cooler bedroom

A cool bedroom believe it or not is a way to help out with sleep and getting enough sleep goes a long way. Our bodies are designed to sleep better at cooler temperatures. Optimal sleeping temperature…I repeat Optimal sleeping temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit so keep that in mind before you head to sleep.

2. Cup of coffee

Golden rule is do things in moderation. Never overdo things because there will always be a consequence that comes along with it. When you drink coffee/caffeine in moderation it can actually reduce the risk of diseases, ailments, conditions like   depression which in these covid times is sky rocketing, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Coffee can also lower the risk of having a stroke (older women pay attention), according to U.S. and Swedish studies.

3. Walk Up The Stairs

Climbing a flight of steps whether that be in your building, subway, work, CN Tower (lol if you can don’t stress it’s not recommended to walk up the CN Tower),  instead of the elevator or escalator will actually burn more calories per minute than jogging or even using a Stair master/trainer as it will  help decrease the chances of getting a stroke, it can  boost your cardiovascular fitness and will certainly strengthen your muscles. 

4. Standing Desk

In my used to be experience, I would sit down and use my laptop or if I was behind the desk in an office setting I would be sitting down due to “traditional settings”.  For awhile now it’s been found that standing by your desk while doing your work or even if you’re into the retail business standing for long periods of time especially at the office has its health benefits. It can reduce back pain, lower weight gain and blood sugar levels and can boost your productivity.

5. Love your imperfections

With social media portraying models and giving the world the image that people need to have a certain look to be either attractive or having surgery to “correct” certain things about you can be stressful to a lot of people. Embrace who you are. There is no one else like you and never forget it. There is no need to look at the next person and wish you can look like them….that’s not necessary.  You are beautiful/handsome just the way you are. My only thing is to eat right, improve on what’s on the inside and try to be a better you spiritually, mentally and socially. Imperfections can be a chance to be creative. You may have special qualities…..bring that out with confidence. If you stress about your natural looks, you may just become unhappy and that’s not healthy at all. Be confident within yourself. Easier said than done, but believe me I embrace all of my imperfections and have no issues showing it. You don’t need someone to tell you that you’re beautiful or ugly, you build that self confidence. Just try it.

6. Visit the park everyday

A walk, a bike ride, playing with your friends or loved ones can immediately change your mood. It can help lower your blood pressure, heart rate and can bring joy and happiness not just to yourself, but if you’re accompanied with someone/others that’s perfect. Spend at least 20-30 minutes every single day.

7. Meditate

Some will think that this is stupid, some may have already picked up on this and others this will be new to them. For the newbies, meditation has physiological benefits like lowering your blood pressure and surprisingly can help ease migraines/headaches. Another set of benefits are preventing brain cells from dying and can help people focus and helps deal with stress.

8. Eat slowly…it works.

When you eat slowly, this actually helps with your digestion system. Enjoy your meals. Typically when you eat slowly, you eat less. When you eat too fast you tend to want to eat more.

9. Be around happy people

Nothing much to say here….title clearly speaks for itself.  To stay in a positive and happy mood make sure you stay around people who you know that can be uplifting, cheerful, and again positive mood. Stay clear of those who are surrounded by drama, beef, complaining all the time, always talking about how stressed they are….you get the point.

10. Eat non starchy veggies

Eat non-starchy vegetables. That goes for all of us. Diabetic? Same rule applies to you as well. Fresh or  frozen, however you get it, it should be consumed. They contain vitamins that our body needs and don’t forget the required minerals and fiber our bodies deserve.

A list of non starchy veggies would be corn, green peas,  potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams, Kale, broccoli, bok choy, spinach, celery, Swiss chard, radish, mushrooms, tomato, onion, eggplant, cucumber and much more.  There are others, but I typically revolve around these.

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