Isimemen Etute Beat Catfishing Jerry Smith To Death When Found Jerry Was A Man

Isimemen Etute is a football player from Virginia Tech.  He was recently suspended after beating a gay man named Jerry Smith who has been catfishing to death. The beat down occurred right after…….I repeat…..RIGHT AFTER THE BOTH OF THEN HAD SEX.

Now – when I have sex with a woman, I’m going Missionary, doggy, gotta get some brains …. the whole works. There would be some light so I would be able to see wtf I’m looking at because I would automatically be able to detect that it’s a woman and there would be no indications that I’m dealing with a man. If I’m reaching for the front there should be a vaginal opening not no wood you know what I’m saying?

I’ve never understood how these men get caught in these situations…are they getting it in total darkness? Don’t you both strip down so you both can see each other? Isn’t there protocol before it goes down? Feeling, touching? Like damn.

Isimemen was charged with second degree murder on June 2 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Police say Jerry Smith has a history of catfishing men. How do they know? Huh?  Isimemen has been suspended from the team following the charged…..SUSPENDED…..WOWZERZ! No jail time, he was suspended.

Yesterday we learnt in the previous article an Asian man shot a 6 year old child and was OUT ON BOND for 10k….wtf is going on in this world?

Isimemen allegedly told the cops he punched and stomped Jerry after he found out that Jerry was actually a man. The trickery huh…..

Apparentlt Isimemen visited Jerry’s apartment on April 10 for some head (oral sex) after he was matched up with someone named “Angie” on Tinder. Jerry allegedly had been targeting young straight Black men on social media He pretends to be a woman and found  Isimemen as his mark.

Check out these messages:

Allegedly, Isimemen punched Jerry five times in the face and continued punching him until he hit the ground then continued to stomp him out until he went out chocking on blood. (Don’t quote me on the blood part) but he was stomped out.

The county medical examiner states that Jerry died from blunt force trauma to the head. He was missing teeth, multiple skull fractures and so forth.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of these instances….when will these types of instances stop?

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