Kyle Massey Being Extorted From 13 Year Old Mother?

Kyle Massey comes from the what I always assumed was a kid show called That’s So Raven. Apparently he’s facing a felony charge for communicating with a minor.

Kyle was sued back in 2019 by a 13-year-old girl (she was that age back then) for allegedly sending explicit text messages, videos and pics. Case was dismissed by the court on jurisdictional issues.

Both the girl and the mother who accused Kyle of these allegations are not letting it slide. On the 14th of June they filed and obtained a felony charge using the same accusations that was dismissed in the first lawsuit.

The girl allegedly said that she met Kyle at Universal Studios at the age of 4. (That’s crazy) It appeared communication between the both of them was there in the hopes that she’d have a shot in the entertainment industry.

She goes on to say that she reached out to Kyle in November 2018 about auditioning for a role in Kyle’s show Cory in the House.

Kyle’s mom claims this is all a set up. It appears that it’s not the 13 year old whom this is all about, but the mother of this child. Looks like both Kyle and the 13 year old mother was allegedly having an intimate relationship and probably mad about her child’s success…..who knows.

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