Mike Millz Knocked Out By Lamar Wills πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ₯Š

Back story – These two individuals come from the bottom of the totem pole on youtube called the “black sector”. Filled with fuckery, yags, pedos, stalkers, false police reporting, CPS calling, back stabbers, fake friends, mental cases and a lot more who are well over the age of 40 years old.

Mike Millz did a live show where he was talking about Lamar Wills’ burgers where he felt they were not to his liking and began roasting Lamar for it. Lamar Wills played the video and felt some kind of way about the roast. More behind why Lamar felt a kind of way is because the beef they both have has been going on over 7-10 years give or take. Both individuals are not innocent of anything because they both have been severely disrespectful to each other and to others.

Lamar wills retaliated by posting Mike’s current home address and proceeds to expose that Mike and his wife were in an eviction situation back in the day. This is what they call in the black sector doxing. Mike Millz goes live and states that he is going to meet with Lamar Wills to “handle things like men” and asks for the location.

Location was dropped, Mike drove hours away from home to meet Lamar only to get knocked out and drive all the way back home in shame. Lamar Wills had the security camera capture the entire events that took place outside of his girl Phoenix home and it has been circulating. Mike Millz same day goes live on another youtubers live show to say he was driving drunk to meet with Lamar Wills and that’s why he lost the fight because he drove drunk which is a serious crime.

The people don’t believe he would be that stupid to drive drunk to his destination and back home again and ended up calling him out. He has removed his channel for the time being from youtube in shame and now currently watches from the bushes.

Is it possible for Mike Miz to return with his head held high? His wishy washy sidekick who turns on everybody expressed her feelings towards him……doesn’t look like the light is around the corner.

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