Your Ex

Is it just me or is it just crazy that after you break up with your significant other, for some odd reason their name just so happens to be popping up everywhere.  You would think that probably there is voodoo at hand, and regardless of what you do, it feels as if you cannot escape them.  You would go to different places around the city and for some odd reason, you just happen to stumble by a place that you and your ex used to go often or probably a few times  You would be listening to the radio and the DJ starts playing a song that the both of you had announced that would be “your song” or a track that the both of you had that rough or intimate night of sexual pleasure.  It may even go as far as you just simply watching a movie or a TV show and your ex‘s name just keeps reappearing.

Things like this can make one go crazy because it’s almost like you would think that after you break up, that things would be over and done with. Most of the feelings towards that person would be put to the side and you are able to move forward.  Yeah, it may depend on how the both of you broke up which would determine how much of an impact they would have had on you.  In case if you are slow, what I am trying to say is that it is an individual thing when it comes to break-ups and how well we would be able to take it if it ever happened to one of us.  It can come to a point during these moments where you think about talking to that person again because you are looking for some closure, you start to wonder whether or not you and your ex still have a chance at getting back together again.  You call that person to see how they are doing, or go to the same places where you know they normally go just so that you can see what they are up to.

Some people bounce back quicker than others after a break-up. They can recover in a span of days or a few months…..some can even get with someone else within a few minutes and act as if nothing happened. The worse is when after you both break up and then you see your ex with someone else, smiling, laughing and holding hands like it’s nobody business.  Here you are angry as hell over the fact that they found someone else and they have no clue as to how you feel. This of course makes you angry inside and you want them (especially your ex) to feel as shitty as you do. So what do some people do in situations like this?  It depends on the individual; they may just do it old school and approach the couple, start a fight, ( like an iiot), they may try to spread lies bout the person, spread their business to the public, even may go as far as trying to kill both the ex and their lover (i’ve seen it happen before so no I am not exaggerating).

It all boils down to this… are going to be curious about the other person after a break-up. You still may have feelings towards that person and it just may never go away. You may want to reach out and talk to them….go out or whatever it is you may want to do just because you can’t stop thinking about that person.  It depends on the individual as to whether or not they would make the attempt to make it happen again with their ex or to make an attempt to move on to better things because honestly, if you both broke up the first time, and then the second time, probably the reason why this was so was because it wasn’t meant to be in the first place.  Don’t get me wrong, there may be complicated reasons behind why you both broke up the first time…..I DON’T KNOW.  Just try to stay on a positive note after the whole ordeal.

If you’ve had many relationships and have been broken up with for the same reasons or similar reasons time after time, then you may want to re-evaluate yourself and try to work on yourself before going back on the market.

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